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Event Production Trends 2022

Today more than ever, attention to details that provide greater physical and mental well-being to guests is key to celebrating a quality event with a great experience.


Eco Friendly actions, such as using non-disposable tableware and cutlery, and taking advantage of daylight events, so as to avoid wasting energy, have become relevant practices to be carried out by the organizers.


Events that add relaxing music to their itinerary, at an acceptable volume, to avoid noise pollution and generate a pleasant atmosphere, have gradually become a trend.


In terms of food, vegan and vegetarian options have also been added to the menu, allowing the integration of guests who choose vegetarianism or veganism as a lifestyle, and even for those who do not practice it, it is possible to enjoy delicious, nutritious and full of energy plant based dishes, a trend that continues to grow.


But not everything remains in the course of the event, even after the event is over, the recycling of bottles, for example, is put into practice, and even the composting of the residual food that is suitable is carried out.


These practices, which are becoming more and more notorious every year, had their boom from 2020, a year that created greater awareness in the lifestyle that was being carried out, in the work and personal life of people, who began to question their food and daily activities.